Our Season Produce: 

Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts Stalk, Swede, Fennel, Clementines , Purple Cauliflower, Romanesco Broccoli, Berlotti Beans and many, many, more.

Artichoke globe large 
Artichoke jerusalem Kg
Asparagus jumbo 
Asparagus British
Asparagus X/L
Board Beans
Beans Fine
Beetroot Raw
Beetroot Vaccum pack 
Runner Beans
Purple sprouting broccoli
Tenderstem broccoli
Butternut squash 
White Cabbage
Red Cabbage 
Savoy Cabbage
Cabbage Primo
Donkey Carrots
Corn on the cob
Chantoney Carrots
Sweet Heart Pointed Cabbage
Hispi Cabbage
Celery Green
Chilli Green
Chilli Red
Thai Chilli
Curly kale
Fresh peas on the pod
Garlic Peeled
Garlic String
Horse Radish Large Stick
White Onions
Mange Tout
Mooli Large
Onions 60/80
Onions Red
Pumpkins Acorn
Shallots Long
Shallots Round
Brussel Sprouts
Round Courgette
Sugar Snaps
Swiss chard
Top & Tail Beans
Lemon Grass
Banana Leaf 500g
Golden Beet
Candy Beet
Wild garlic
Black Radish
Button Onions
White asparagas
Rainbow chard
Yellow Beans
Rainbow radish
Yellow Courgette
Spring green cabbage
Pale Aubergine
Thai Shallots
Monk’s Bread
Pissanlit (Dandelion)
Fresh Button Onions
Cooked Beetroot
Cavolo Nero
Chinese Leaf
Spanish Onions
Scotch Bonnet chillies
Rainbow Carrots
Yellow Carrots
Purple Carrots
Leafy Celery
Purple Cauliflower
Padron Pepper
Parsley Roots
Mixed Squash
Purple Kale
Peeled Sprouts
January king cabbage
Heritage Carrots
Brussel Sprouts Tops
Red Baby Gem
Tofu 450g
Wild Asparagus
Baby Kale
Borlotti Beans
Thai Asparagus
Baby Silver Skin Onions
Round Aubergine
Japanese Aubergine
Garlic – Large Spanish
Pink Garlic
Tomato Beef
Tomato Cherry
Tomato Cherry on Vine
Tomato M Large
Tomato MM/MMM
Tomato Plum Vine
Tomato Plum
Tomato Vine

Tomato Yellow Cherry

Tom berries
Heritage Tomato
Orange Cherry Plum Tomato
Orange Cherry Tomato
Soup tomato
Cherry Plum Vine Tomato
Green Tomato
Heritage Cherry Tomato
Buffalo Heart Tomato
Yellow Tomatoes
San Marzano Tomato
Cherry Plum Tomato
Yellow Cherry Vine Tom
Tomato – Cherry Italian
Potato Jackets 40’s
Potato Jackets 50’s 
Jersey Royal Mids
Potato Jackets 60’s
Dirty Lovers Potatoes
Washed Potatoes
Mids Potatoes 20/25
Potatoes Pink Fur
Red Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Maris Piper Potatoes
Red Mids Rosevelt
Jeresy Ware Potatoes
Lords Chips
Cabaret Potatoes
King Edward Potatoes
Chippie’s Choice
Sweet Potatoes 18Kg
Truffle Potatoes
Purple Sweet Potato
Yukon Gold (Waxy) Potatoes
Cornish Mids
Baby Spinach  (500g)
Baby Spinach  (250g)
Bean Sprouts
Bok Choi Baby Leaf
Red Chicory
Lettuce Cos
British Cucumber
Lettuce Biondo
Lettuce Frisee Large
Lettuce Iceberg
Lettuce Lt Gem
Lettuce Oak Leaf
Lettuce Radicchio
Lollo Rosso
Lettuce Round
Mesclum Mix
Folretto Mix salad
Baby Mix Leaf (125g)
Baby Mix Leaf (250g)
Bulls Bloods
Pak Choi Large Leaf
Peppers Green
Peppers Mixed
Peppers Orange
Peppers Sweet Long
Peppers Red
Spanish Bunch Spinach
Peppers Yellow
Breakfast Radish
Lettuce Red Chard (500g)
Spinach Large Leaf
Spring Onion
Lettuce Rocket Salad
Lettuce Rocket Italian
Mustard Cress
Pea Shoots (Poly)
Washed Mixed Salad
Lettuce Nettles
Hispi Cabbage
Baby Cucumber
Cima di Rapa
Affilla Cress
White Onions
Fresh Button Onions
Daikon Cress
Tropea Onion
Baby Beetroot 
Baby Carrots Bunch
Baby Corn Pkt
Baby Courgettes Pkt
Baby Fennel Bunch
Baby Leeks Bunch

Baby Red pepper

Baby turnips
Baby Artichoke x5
Baby Aubergine
Baby Parsnips
Heritage Baby Carrots
Baby Candy Beetroots
Baby Golden Beetroot
Bunch Baby Beetroot
Baby Carrots pkt
Baby Leeks pkt
Baby Fennel pkt
Purple Baby Carrots
Fresh Cut Basil Large
Thai Basil
Bay Leaves
Fresh Cut Chervil
Fresh Cut Chives
Fresh Cut Dill
Flat Parsley Large
Curly Parsley
Mint Icepack 20’s Box
Fresh Cut Rosemary Large
Fresh Cut Tarragon
Fresh Cut Thyme
Sakura Cress
Mix Organic Sprouts
Kaffia Lime Leaves
Curry Leaves
Honey Cress
Lavender bunch
Lemon Thyme
Potted Basil
Coriander (100g)
Flat Parsley 
Rock Chive
Italian Flat Parsley
Lemon Balm
Micro Herbs
Micro Amaranth 
Red Vain Watercress
Beetroot sprouts
Courgette Flowers
 Mixed Cress
Micro Coriander Cress
Micro Red Amaranth Cress
Micro Red Basil Cress
Micro Chervil Cress
Micro Peashoot Cress
Micro Watercress
Micro Basil Cress
Micro Chickweed
Micro Wasabi Cress
Micro Mint Cress
Micro Bronze Fennel
Micro Fennel Cress
Micro Chives Cress
Micro Red Chard Cress
Micro Rocket Cress
Micro Red Vein Sorrel
Micro Red Mustard Frill
Micro Pak Choy Cress
Micro Shiso Cress
Micro Tarragon Cress
Micro Chocolate Mint
Micro Dill Cress
Micro Mizuna
Micro Sea Astra
Micro Parsley
Micro Flowers
Micro Popcorn
Micro Sea Parselane
Micro Salty Finger
Micro Greek Cress
Micro Oyster Leaf
Nasturtium Leaves
Nasturtium Flowers
Micro Celery
MIcro See Beet
Micro Butterfly Sorrel
Micro Ice Lettuce
Edible Cornflower
Micro Mix Salad (Gilbeys) 250g
Micro Sea Rosemary
Micro Sea Beet
Micro Sea Buckshorn
Micro Sea Fennel
Micro Red Mizuna
Micro Edible Flowers
Micro Lemon Balm
Micro Borage Flowers
Micro Buckler Sorrel
Micro Viola Flowers
Micro Tagete Flowers
Micro Cucumber Flowers
Edible Flowers
Micro Kohlrabi
Micro Red Stem Radish
Micro Lemon Verbena
Micro Thai Basil
Green Shiso Leaf
Micro Garlic Chives
Micro Garlic Flowers
Micro Merigold Cress
Micro Dianthus Flowers
Micro Garlic Chives Flowers
Jasmine Flowers
Micro Tenderill Peashoot
Micro Lemon Sorrel
Apples Cooking
Apples Gold Delicious
Apples Granny Smith
Royal Gala Apples
Apples Coxes
Pink Lady Apples
Ready to eat Avacado
Green Avacado
Red Currants
Dragon fruit
Fresh Figs
Pink Grape Fruit
Grapes black seedless
Grapes white seedless
Leafy Lemons
Melon Cantaloupe
Melon charentais
Melon galia
Melon Honey Dew
Medium Oranges
Large Oranges Blood Oranges
Passion fruit
Pears Pears-Comice
Pineapple baby
Pommegranite L
Cheap Banana
black Figs
Red Gooseberries
Pears Conference
Braeburn apples
Pink Lady Apples
Williams Pears
Asian Pears
Damson Fruit
Mushroom Giant 
Mushrooms Button
Mushrooms Chestnut
Mushrooms Cup
Mushrooms Flat
Mushrooms Froz Cep
Mushrooms Girolle
King Oyster Mushrooms (Eryngi)
Mushrooms Mix Gourmet
Mushrooms Mix Wild
Mushrooms Oyster
Mushrooms Pied Blue
Mushrooms Portabella
Mushrooms Shimeji
Mushrooms Shitaki
Frozen Cepes
Enoki Mushroms
Moral Mushrooms
Mushrooms Pied De Mouton
Chantarelles Mushrooms
Frozen Girolle
Pink Oyster
Dried Mixed Wild
Golden Enoki Mushroom
Mushroom Maitake
Baby King Oyster
Potato Whole Peeled Large
Peeled Agria Potato in water
Diced Celery
Baton Carrots
Grated Carrots
Coleslaw Mix
Diced Carrot
Diced Onions
Sliced Celery
Diced  Sweet Potato
Chateau Potatoes
Peeled Mids
Lemon Juice 1ltr
Fruit Salad 2.7ltr
Fruit Salad 2kg
Hand Cut 17mm Chip 5kg
Hand Cut 8mm Chip 5kg
Shredded Red Cabbage 1Kg
Shredded White Cabbage 1Kg
Shredded Green Cabbage 1Kg
Ratatouille Mix
Chopped Chilli 1Kg
Diced Potato 1Kg
Sliced Potato 2.5mm x1Kg
Cocotte Carrot 15gm x1Kg
Cocotte Swede 15gm x1Kg
Cocotte Mooli 15gm x1Kg
Med Veg Diced 2.5kg
Cored and Peeled Apple
Peeled Red Onions
Peeled Onions
Peeled Carrots
Fondan Potatoes
Diced Watermelon
Sliced Red Onions
Fresh Orange Juice
Diced Butternut
Sliced Carrot
Cous Cous Salad 2kg
Mexican Bean Salad 2kg
Parmentier Potatoes
Beetroot Salad 2kg
Sliced Onion
Sliced Parsnip
Peeled Round Shallot
Diced Butternut 25mm
Pink Grapefruit Seg
Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
Prepared Spinach
Peeled Maris Piper Pot
Diced Red Onion
Peeled Red Potato
Orange Segment
Diced Tomato 6mm
Sliced Sweet Potatoes 5mm
Sliced Apples 2mm
Diced Honeydew Melon
Diced Swede 25mm
Diced Parsnip 25mm
Diced Carrot 25mm
Agria Skin On Chips 12mm
Pont Neuf Chips
Fresh Lemon Juice
Carrot Juice
Peeled Butternut Squash
Sliced Mixed Pepper
Sliced Red Pepper
Sliced Yellow Pepper
Bread Medium White
Bread Thick Brown
Bread Thick White
Clotted Cream
Creme Fraiche
Cream Single 2.27ltr
Double Cream 2.27Ltr
Milk Semi (green) 2 ltr
Milk Whole (blue) 2 ltr
Milk Skimmed 2 ltr
Sour Cream 2.5Kg
Whipping Cream 2.27Ltr
Cheese Mild Cheddar 5kg
Cheese Mature Cheddar 5kg
Cheese Sliced Cheddar
Grated Cheddar 2Kg
Eggs Medium 5 Dozen
Eggs Free Range 15 Dozen
Cheese Mozzarella Block 1kg
Baby Blue Stilton
Egg Yolk
Medium Eggs 30 Dozen
Cheese Parmesan (Hard)
Cheese Goats1x1kg
Cheese Mozzarella Balls 125g
Cheese Moz. Pearls (boccacini)800g
Cheese Mascarpone 2KG
Cheese Feta 1x1kg
Cheese Brie 1kg
Mayo 10KG
Cream Aerosol 
Unsalted Butter x40
Butter Salted X40
Buttermilk 5ltr
Cheese Gruyere Kg
Cheese Cornish Yarg 1kg
Cheese Parmesan Grated 1kg
Natural Yogurt
Greek Yogurt
Milk Semi Pint
Milk Whole Pint
Soft Spread sunflower
Eggs Cotswold Legbar Eggs 15X12
Chopped Tomato
Cheese Red Leicester
Cheese Ricotta Cheese 1.5kg
Milk Organic Soya Milk 1ltr
Full Fat soft Cheese
Cheese Smoked Cheddar
Halloumi 250Gm
Italian Chopped Tomatoes x6
Cheese Grated Mozzarella
Egg White 2kg
Eggs Burford Brown Eggs 15×12
Cheese Philadelphia
Clotted Cream
Whole Eggs
Almond Milk
Buffalo Mozzarella
Milk Pergal
Gorgonzola cheese
Camembert cheese
Coconut Milk
Lionbrand Eggs Trays
Cheddar Slices Mature 1kg
Goat Curd
Blue Stilton Wedge
Tomato Juice
Lactose Free Whole Milk
French Lescure Rolls Butter
Butter Portion
Natural Yogurt 425gm
Egg White 1kg
Cream Double 300ml
Egg Yolk 1kg
Sliced Cheese-American
Buttermilk 1ltr
Pancetta Affumicata 300g
Coconut Milk 400ml
Unsalted Butter 250g
Emmental Cheese Slices
Mozzarella Burrata
Brillat-Savarin Cheese
Milk Semi 1ltr
Edam Cheese Sliced
Long Life Milk
Cheese Philadelphia 1.6kg
Mascarpone 500g
Vegetable Fat 250g
Greek Yogurt 0.5 Ltr
Sour Cream 2kg
Oat Milk
Bread Medium Brown
Mayonnaise 5ltr
French Creme Fraiche 1kg
Coconut Yogurt
Professinol Almond Milk
Grated Cheddar 1kg
Soya Yogurt
Fruit Yogurt 110g
St Ewe Egg Yolk 2kg
St Ewe Egg White 2kg
Potato Frozen Julienne Chips
Staycrisp Skin On Chips 4×2.5kg
Soya (Edamme) Beans Kg
Broad Beans 1Kg
Broccoli 1kg
Button Onions 1Kg
Peas 1Kg
Petit Pois
Blackberry 1kg
Raspberry 1kg
Strawberry 1kg
Mix Berries 1kg
Spinach 1Kg
Cranberries 1kg
Blueberries 1kg
Blackcurrents 1kg
Red Currents 1kg
Sprouts 1kg
Morel Mushrooms
Mckains Skin on Chip 2.27kg
Birds Eyes Peas
Diced Pineapple 
Red Goosberries
Lamb and Weston skin on chips
Filo Pastry
Shortcrust pastry
Potato Chips
Lutosa Coated Skin On Fries
Garlic Puree
Strawberry Puree 1kg
 Pear Puree 1kg
 Puree Paw Paw 1kg
Puree Blood Peach 1kg
Puree Peach White 1kg
Pineapple 1kg
Puree Pink Grapefruit 1kg
Puree Pumpkin 1kg
Puree Raspberry 1kg
Puree Redcurrent 1kg
Puree Rhubarb 1kg
Puree Sun Citrus 1kg
Puree Wild Strawberry 1kg
Mango Puree
Red Cherry Puree
Lime Puree
Puree Apricot
Puree Kiwi
Mandarine Puree
Passionfruit puree
Coconut Puree
Apple Puree
Banana Puree
Exotic Puree
Orange Puree
Figs Puree
Blackberry Puree
Blueberry Puree
Blood Orange Puree
Pommegranite Puree
Yuzu Puree
Blackcurrent Puree
Chestnut & Vanilla Puree
Cranberry & Cherry Puree
Red Berries Puree
Guava Puree
Kalamanzi Puree
Lemon Puree
Lychees Puree
Melon Puree
Mirabelle Plum Puree
orchard Fruit Puree
Watermelon Puree
Red Plum Puree
Lemongrass Puree
Caribbean Cocktail Puree
Specialty Ginger Puree
Spicy Mango
Bergamont Puree
Citrus Cocktail Puree
Artichoke Puree
Asparagus Puree
Beetroot Puree
Butternut Puree
Cucumber Puree
Red Pepper Puree
Yellow Pepper Puree
Black Cherry Puree